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Lou Harrison Resonator

I converted this Republic Tricone Resonator to a Lou Harrison 11-Limit JI fretboard for my friend Luke Gullickson.
I removed and replaced the fretboard with a Katalox fretboard with handmade fretlets. 

Unlike the other instruments, this is not my own design, but was developed by William Slye and Bill Alves for Lou Harrison's final work, Scenes from Nek Chand.  From what I understand, this is now one of only eight in the world.

The tuning is DADGAD and the scale is a fixed 12-tone scale of 1/1-28/27-9/8-7/6-5/4-4/3-11/8-3/2-14/9-5/3-7/4-11/6 in D.  The split-frets (fretlets) are more complex to build but are remarkably simplified for the performer.  There are only 12 fret-regions and 12 total pitch classes per octave.

This instrument was my first paid commission and my most professional fretwork to-date.

Contact me with your dream fretting ideas for a possible commission of your own!

Lou Harrison Resonator 12tone Scale.jpg
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