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My Teaching Experience

I have been teaching private lessons for 11 years in composition, music theory/ear-training, electronic music, guitar, and voice.  I have a Doctorate in Music Composition from Northwestern University.  I was Professor and Coordinator of the Composition Degree at Appalachian State University from 2014-2018, where I taught composition, theory, ear-training, and electronic music.  Prior to that, I taught composition, theory, ear-training, songwriting, and music technology at Northwestern University (2008-2014) and composition/theory at The Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras (2011-2014).

Why Private Music Lessons?

Music is one of the most diverse & expansive topics one can study.

Students' goals vary widely and it is my aim to help them find the relevant musical tools to achieve them.

For example, I've had students focus on specific topics including: Jazz guitar arranging, Wind Ensemble orchestration & marketing, Just Intonation, Balkan rhythms, live electronic programming, Medieval music, etc. 

Let's focus on what you want to learn, and I will curate the topics accordingly.

Assignments & expectations are dependent on the student and can range from fun exploration to rigorous study.  Learn your favorite songs on guitar/piano, write and record your next album, or prepare for a college degree in composition/theory.

All Ages and Levels of Experience Are Welcome!

I have taught students of all ages over the years.  We will cater lessons for young students with parent approval. Parents of young students are welcome to join the lesson at no extra cost!

I teach musicians at all experience levels as well.  Some of my students have never touched an instrument or had any training but are interested in starting from scratch.  Some are lovers of music looking to branch out of their usual modes of performance.  Some are guitarists who want to transcribe their work on paper.  Some are songwriters who want to expand their repertoire of techniques.  Others are looking to play with recordings and samples in electronic software.

I also regularly teach professional musicians (many with music degrees) who are seeking further study of advanced harmony, live electronics and recording, complex rhythms, experimental instrumental techniques, advanced notation, orchestration, microtonality, and much more.  We all have frontiers of music to explore, and it's never too early or late to start!

Lesson Rates & Approaches
Private Lessons are $40 for one hour

In-person lessons taught in Asheville, NC, conveniently located at a studio in the West Asheville neighborhood.


I also teach Online Video lessons to students in other locations.  These include live video discussion, audio file sharing and instant feedback from your home.  Asheville students may also schedule video lessons to supplement or while out of town.

Weekly meetings are the standard, but some students opt for less-frequent meetings to save money.

I also offer the following discounts & packages to reduce costs for committed students. 

The following special packages must be paid in advance.


$150 [4 lessons] ‘Month’ package

$750 [20 lessons] ‘Full Semester’ package


$800 Special Songwriting & Professional Recording Package

- Analysis of favorite songs (ear-training, figuring out chords, etc.)

- 16 private lessons (3-6 months flexible to your schedule) (worth $750)

- Two days of professional studio recording, production, & mixing at Earhead Studio (Asheville)

Student Successes

I have taught many students who have gone on to successful careers in music.  Many of my undergraduate students have gone on to study at top graduate schools.  Others are teaching music, playing in successful bands, and working in recording and electronic music.

Dr. Ben Hjertmann's approach to composition is completely centered around the individual student and their interests. With Dr. Hjertmann, students could explore composing in a wide variety of styles, genres, and instrumentation, and cover a wide variety of topics that range from introductory compositional ideas such as counterpoint and melodic construction, to more complex ideas such as orchestration and large ensemble compositions. Dr. Ben Hjertmann also has an extensive knowledge with what happens after the composing process is done, including score editing and self-publication, all of which are extremely useful skills to have as a composer at any level.  

     – Zachary Lloyd (4-year student of mine at Appalachian State, now a Theory Masters student at Michigan State University)

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