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Kong Must Dead feat. Andrew Davis II (2008, released 2010)

My first summer in Chicago I worked at a pool hall and coffeeshop called Pressure.  I met a slew of interesting people there, co-workers, regulars, and local characters, many of whom became close friends.  There was a rapper named Andrew Davis II who would frequent the place late at night, we schemed to make some music together.  I composed all the backing tracks and wrote and sang all the hooks, leaving space for AD to rap, which he did.

For me it was an experiment in trying to employ the interesting tools of a composer fluidly so it would sound catchy rather than strange.  You'll hear mixed meters (#5), 7/8 time (#2), spectral audio extractions (#4), Fibonacci-tuned bells (#1), Just Intonation 11:10:8 vocal harmonies (#1), and a slew of fun musique concrete techniques.  The goal was that a listener would not necessarily notice these elements, but if inspected closely they could be heard.


Ben Hjertmann – Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Baglama, Clarinet, Fife, Electronics 

Andrew Davis II – Rap

Scott Meller – Piano and Synth on “Sparks” 

Stu Seale – Synth Bass on “Mic Pop” and “Devils”

This music sits on the brink of juvenilia; a youthful experiment in genre, pop, and collaboration.  

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