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mashup (2019)

This is an album of songs that dive deep into the mashup of life's songs. 


It's not a literal mashup, but instead an original exploration of harmonic relationships and studio-orchestration.


It was released under my band Kong Must Dead in August of 2019 (Two Labyrinths Records).


I wrote, performed, and recorded all the parts except for the gracious and gutsy help of bandmates:

Jonathon Sale (drums, steel pan, bass)

R.J. Wuagneux (guitar)

Brady Kennedy (bass)

Ingrid Forsyth (keyboard).

One song has a whole on the downbeat of the chorus and modulates down a half-step in the middle of the chorus.  Another song has a single repeating section which is constantly varied.  One is sped up slightly and re-recorded to warp its POV.  And one warps from prog-soul into panicked punk through the neon lights of youth.  There are floating parallel fourths against contrary planed ninths.  Layers of pedal steel and feedback color-in the chords, and in the end a deer outside lets out a guttural yawp.  And life keeps mashing-up...

The art for the record is also my original work, layering magazine clippings and transparencies of paintings from my former studio wall on top of a strange album cover by some well-known European composers.

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