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Visitors (2021)

Visitors was written for Emmalee Hunnicutt & myself.

Emmalee Hunnicutt: Cello, Voice, Chord-Zither (1)

Ben Hjertmann: Voice, Pedal Steel Guitar (4,7), Slide (1) & Fretless (3,6) Guitars, Bowed Psaltery (5), Scale-Zither (2)


In total, 78 unique pitches (pitch-classes) are performed.  Each song contains unique pitch limits, designs, scales, and chords, which are all interrelated with consonant Just intervals.

The lyrics, written by the composer, are poetic reflections about visits from animals.

The full recorded album and score are available for purchase at


Explore below to see videos, Just Intonation theory, and more...

The video below Who Cooks for You? features one of the songs with original "crankie" needlefelted stop-motion by Emmalee Hunnicutt.


The next video below, Vulture in a Desert of Men, is the first live performance from Hopscotch Festival 2020.

The last video below, Luna Mirage, is also from the Hopscotch Festival 2020.

Below are pages from the score (included with purchase of the album on bandcamp),

including theory and performance notes, plus the first page of each song.

visitors - introductory notes.jpg
visitors - introductory concepts.jpg
visitors - accidentals.jpg
visitors - master lattice.jpg

1. Vulture in a Desert of Men

visitors - vulture notes.jpg
visitors - vulture p1.jpg

2. Luna Mirage

visitors - luna notes.jpg
visitors - luna p1.jpg

3. Puijila Plays in the Mirrored Morning

visitors - puijila notes.jpg
visitors - puijila p1.jpg

4. Who Cooks for You?

visitors - owl notes.jpg
visitors - owl p1.jpg

5. Pardic Hymn

visitors - pard notes.jpg
visitors - pard p1.jpg

6. Jack of Spades

visitors - jack of spades notes.jpg
visitors - jack of spades lattice.jpg
visitors - jack of spades p1.jpg

7. Red Blues

visitors - red blues notes.jpg
visitors - red blues notes 2.jpg
visitors - red blues p1.jpg
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