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Wind Ensemble Works

A playlist of wind ensemble works is below, scroll down to get to perusal scores.

Free PDF perusal scores are available for conductors by request.


Catclaw Mimosa is published and available through Manhattan Beach Music.

All other works are self-published and available through Paypal/Credit Card purchase links below, or an invoice may be requested on the Contact page.

Last Lights in the North (2015-16)

Commissioned by Mallory Thompson & The Northwestern Bands

Grade VI.


A fast-paced work with jagged syncopations.

Beautiful, haunting bass flute solo (bsn if B.Fl unavailable)

The unique screeching of bowed music stands.

Dissolves into a keyboard percussion duet.

An impressive challenge for the most daring ensembles.

Catclaw Mimosa (2011/17)

Written for Mallory Thompson & The North Shore Concert Band

Grade VI.


A fun, quirky, groovy composition.

A great concert-opener, attention-getting.

Winner of the 2013 Frank Ticheli International Composition Competition.

Honorable Mention for the Frederick Fennel Prize.

(Perusal score is the original self-published edition, a beautiful new edition with performance and analysis notes is available from Manhattan Beach, see link below.)

Donkey Rhubarb (2013-14)

Consortium commission from 34 bands and individuals

Grade IV.


Approachable, playable, yet unique.

Indie-Jazz Influenced simple drum set.

Brass Quintet feature.

Written in collaboration with students

   and conductors of dozens of ensembles.

Kudzu Vine (2015-16)

Commissioned by Kevin Richardson & Appalachian Concert Band

Grade III-IV.


A fun Southern-Rock anthem.

Inclusion of electric guitar & bass.

Summery, drum-driven Pop.

Almost Pep-Band sound & energy.

Playable and enjoyable for beginning ensembles.

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