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Fender 12-String Guitar

This Fender 12-string is fretted in the same JI fretting as the K'tele, with added HEJI accidentals.

Scroll down to see two examples of Fret-Maps in two different tunings.


The Fret-Map below shows one of the most common tunings I use with the Fender 12-String & K'tele.
There are many unisons between strings II and III which are a 12:11 apart.

36. Andthem Kitele Tuning_HEJI.jpg

The Fret-Map below shows another tuning I use with the K'tele.  This is an example of a map for a specific song (Septangle), showing only the 12 used pitches on the strings and frets where they occur.  The colors show the different sets of pitch classes related by 3:2's (like columns or rows in a JI lattice.  This tuning features the septimal superparticular commas:  28:27 between certain blue/purple and green/blue,  49:48 between certain green/purple, and 64:63 between certain blue/green.

49. Kitele HEJI Pitches.jpg
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