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Last Lights in the North (2015)

Click PDF icon to the left to download full score.

Last Lights is a new piece for wind ensemble dedicated to Mallory Thompson and the Symphonic Wind Ensemble at Northwestern University.  This same ensemble premiered my first work for winds, Catclaw Mimosa, in 2011.  In 2015, Northwestern was in the process of completing its new music building and I was asked to write this piece to help celebrate this new chapter for my alma mater.

When standing on any of Chicago's Northside piers and looking north, the last lights you can see on the shore are Northwestern, including the new music building.  The title is an homage to my alma mater and the feverishly challenging music is a testament to the talented students there.

The piece also captures some of my state of mind during my time there, a fast-paced and intense situation with a driving force organizing and guiding it to completion.

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